Project Credits

Concept and Development: Kim Stringfellow
Text/Web Design: Kim Stringfellow
Photography: Kim Stringfellow (unless noted)

I would like to thank the following for their guidance and support with this project: Mary Jane Jacob, Laurie Palmer, Dr. Stuart Hurlbert, Randy Jones and George Thompson at the Center for American Places, Walter Cotten, Jocelyn Nevel, Bert Green, Gordon Fuglie, Ross Coates, Lisa Becker, Lisa Alembik, Rebecca Solnit, Jessica Robey, Christopher Landis, Chris Metzer, William Fox and Ann Wolfe at the Nevada Museum of Art,, Puffin Foundation ,the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, San Diego State University and the Santa Fe Workshops.

Special thanks goes to Pat Laflin and Connie Cowan at the Coachella Valley Historical Society and Linda Trimm at the Imperial Irrigation District for giving me access to their historic photo archives, Tom Anderson at the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge, Jack Crayon the California Dept. of Fish and Game, Tom Kirk at the Salton Sea Authority, the Holly Corporation, Leonard Knightand Donald Scheidler.

I would also like to thank Dr. Victoria Matey and Dr. Boris Kuperman of the Department of Biology and Center for Inland Waters at San Diego State University for allowing me to reproduce their scanning microscope images. I am grateful to Dr. Milton Friend for sharing his presentation research papers for this project.

Much of the research for this project was gathered from San Diego State University’s Center for Island Waters Salton Sea website and the Salton Sea Authority's website.

An important source for the essays, particularly the Mullet Island section is Pat Laflin’s wonderful historical overview, The Salton Sea: California’s overlooked treasure, published in 1995 for The Periscope, a publication of the Coachella Valley Historical Society located in Indio, California.

Other resources include William deBuys and Joan Meyers, Salt Dreams: Land & Water in Low-Down California, University of New Mexico Press, 1999, Christopher Landis's photographic monograph, In Search of Eldorado: The Salton Sea, Palm Springs Desert Museum, 2000 and Mark Reisner’s seminal Cadillac Desert, Viking Penguin Inc., 1986.